Charter and Hire

We provide you with swift and smooth transportation to Airports, Golf Courses, Resorts, Wedding Locations, and more.
Wedding Locations
Aircraft Type and Condition of Flight Price
(tax included)
Aerospatiale AS350 / AS355
(accommodates up to 4 passengers)
5,940 JPY / minute
Robinson R44 (accommodates up to 3 passengers) 3,132 JPY / minute
Outside of operation hours
(our operation hour  9:00am-7:00pm)
Additional charge required
If necessary to apply in advance in order to pass and land
in a controlled area*, to fly a long distance, to be on
stand by in the field, and to stay an overnight.
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 *Controlled areas: 5 miles (9 km) within Kansai International Airport, Osaka Airport, 
   Kobe Airport, and airline flight paths.
<<小川航空株式会社>> 〒554-0042 大阪府大阪市此花区北港緑地2丁目1番(舞洲ヘリポート内) TEL:06-4804-1333 FAX:06-4804-1331