FAQ for Sky Cruising

Q1. Will tours be canceled due to bad weather?
When it's drizzling we would fly with confirmation of safety,
but may cancel due to strong wind, low cloud or visibility.
We will re-schedule your tour.
Q2. Can we take photos on board?
Yes, but a customer can carry a camera and a smartphone.
Please turn airplane mode ON and camera flash OFF .
Q3. Can we cancel the tour?
Yes, but we might charge due to customer's preference.
When customers reserve special flights for the Christmas season or the fireworks display, please refrain from cancellations.
Q4. Can we have drink and food on board?
No, neither bring them on board.
Q5. Can we bring our pets on board?
Contact us.
A passenger up to 120kg will be available to board.
The total weight of 3 passengers is limited up to 240kg,
and a person who weights more than 90kg must be in the back seat.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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